A Crafters Story

Since the time I was young, I always loved making things. Whether it was drawings, poems, crafts, I loved making things and often gifting them. If I didn't have the money to gift items for Christmas, I would make something! Even if I were too young to be giving gifts in the first place! So when I finally decided to start getting legitimate with my crafts, I was told all the time, "You need to sell this stuff, you need to share these with the world!". So after many years of endless support from friends and family, here I am. I want to expand my design experience and share my designs with everyone. Whether it is a custom design or a design of my own favor, I am happy to create cherished memories for you and yours. 
The biggest problem I had throughout my years of experimentation, was LASTING. No matter how I made something, I did not have the tools or knowledge to make a lasting product. So finally, I took it upon myself to acquire the tools I needed to make a perfect product. I am a self taught, freelance business woman making a living off of something I am passionate about and love doing! It wasn't an easy road but it was in fact worth every bit of sleepless nights, studying and wasting products, mental energy, and dedication to making it happen. 

Thank you for your continued support in Violet Krown and I can't wait to grow even further with your help. My customers have been amazing to me and helped grow my business by word of mouth alone.